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Rebuilt App. Sold over 1500 units within the first two months

"Our piano app was initially built by students. We wanted to rebuild the app and add more functionality. It can be difficult to explain 'speech to print' linguistic phonics to non-teachers, but they took their time to understand the project and created exactly what we wanted."

Emma Hartnell-Baker



Took away the need to understand deep technicalities

"We wanted to build an app for NDIS recipients to give them more control, freedom and information about support services available to them. They communicated well how they were going to deliver the project - without technical jargon. Their customer support is second to none."

Vicki Elson-Green

Cystic Fibrosis Australia

Health - Non Profit

Stop guessing what is possible. Talk to USEsoftware to get the right answers and up your results.

What we do

Digital Products

Build custom, intelligent and intuitive digital solutions (mobile and web) to transform your market

Data Analytics

Make sense of your data so you can make smarter decisions


Build robust automated processes so you can drive efficiency


Renovate your legacy technology so that you can have better speed, scale, security, collaboration and user experiences

How we work for you


We seek to understand your business' goals, people and project needs to tailor the best approach. We gain context on your business' constraints and where our skills intersect.


We offer a conceptual solution based on the insight gained during the Understand phase. We adopt a agile and lean methodology to help you identify and prioritise the features and deliverables that provide you the most value in the shortest timeframe.


We take an end-to-end approach to implementing your solution: we plan outcomes and work alongside your team. The solution is built with powerful technologies, using industry leading techniques and paradigms.

We are a full stack software development agency

Cost Effective

You deal with one party instead of contracting several different specialists responsible for different layers of software development


We can act as consultants, or as a full-stack development team


We are driven by outcomes and are only happy when the right solution is firmly in your hands


We build what you need, according to your specifications.

Long-term solutions

The solutions we provide function optimally, and will stand the test of time


Being locally based, we hope to build trusted and reliable relationships

Up your results: Talk directly to the techies to get the right answers for your project!

Our promise to you


Industry-leading full stack software development capability under one roof


Expert service to expedite your success


'Seek first to understand...' Words we follow, both for your project and the people involved


Post-delivery support that will ensure the solution continues providing value

Our client success commitment guarantee


Adaptable delivery timeline


Flexible engagement and payment terms; R&D tax incentive-friendly


Transparent and genuine communication throughout development


Post-delivery support tailored to your needs


USEsoftware Pty Ltd


ABN: 53 638 648 656